Liquid D3 with K2

Liquid D3 with K2
Recent research indicates Vitamin D has many protective health benefits. Vitamin D is necessary for the maintenance of healthy calcium and phosphorous levels essential for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. National news sources recently reported that taking Vitamin D3 supplements led to a 7% reduction in mortality compared with not taking the vitamins. Deficiencies in Vitamin D are showing up in growing numbers of women, children and the elderly suggesting the need for supplements. All ages may benefit from this powerful nutrient. Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7TM) is essential to good health. It it needed for normal clotting of blood and for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones. Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7TM) is a natural treatment for preventing and reversing bone loss. It is clinically proven to eradicate some forms of heart disease. It is also a powerful antioxidant supplement without unwanted side effects.

Buried Treasure's Liquid Vitamin D3 is easy to absorb because there are no pills or capsules to breakdown through digestion. Absorption is the key to the effectiveness of a particular nutrient and Liquid D3 is the most bio-available product on the market today. Just one tablespoon daily supplies 2000 IU of this wonder vitamin.

Supplement Facts:
One Tablespoon Contains:
Vitamin D 2,000 IU
Natural Vitamin K2 80 mcg
(MenaQ7 TM)
MenaQ7 is a trademark of NattoPharma, Norway

Highlight Notes:
• The body can’t absorb calcium without adequate intake of Vitamin D.
• A recent study suggested that taking Vitamin D supplements supports better heart health.
• MenaQ7TM is a natural form of Vitamin K2.
• K2 is linked to good bone and heart health.
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